Ranking Of Mortgage Loans

Ranking Of Mortgage Loans

Mortgage is now one of the best solutions for all those who want to be in possession of their own outlet. Young people especially dream about becoming independent, but very often they are unable to buy a flat on their own. That is why they should decide to take the appropriate loan, which will be able to enable them to carry out such operations.

Easy start is always a happy time spent for the rest of your life, in your apartment or home, about which you dreamed. However, settling this type of loan is not the easiest thing to do. You have to think about where to find this kind of information? Where will the offers of all banks be compared?


Visit us and you will find the best banking offers for you

Visit us and you will find the best banking offers for you

 We would like to cordially invite you to our website. You will find banking products on it, which will certainly be useful to many of you.

Getting to know them is not difficult, and everyone will be able to do it without any problems. Everything has been presented in a clear and transparent way. There is also the option on our site to compare all mortgages . A list of loans has been prepared in a special table, which are the most beneficial for all interested parties. From the list presented, you can choose the most convenient offer for you. In each table you can find the bank name, interest rate, loan period , as well as the commission amount .

Do not hesitate for too long. Take advantage of the possibility of comparing mortgage loans that we have prepared for you. You also have the option of comparing mortgage offers at the price comparison site to which the link is located on our website. For those interested, a calculator was also prepared, which allows calculation of the amount of the installment .

We cordially invite you to a comparison of mortgage loans that has been developed and updated on a daily basis – the ranking of mortgage loans. By using it you will always be satisfied. charged for a loan.

Compare mortgages, calculate the mortgage installment and you will see the current mortgage ranking – Mortgage with low installment .


Comparison of loans – a ranking of housing loans

Comparison of loans - a ranking of housing loans

According to the editorial team, the PBP mortgage loan is the best. Own mortgage angle is the most frequently chosen housing loan on the market. Basically, the mortgage loan of PBP has only two competitors – two banks that have an attractive mortgage offer. You must know that when offering mortgage loans, PBP may act as a lender or as an associated mortgage broker – PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA. PBP as a related mortgage broker acting exclusively on behalf of and for one lender PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA performs mortgage brokerage activities related to the sale of a mortgage loan of PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA, including preparation of documentation required for granting the loan, transferring all contractual terms to the client information, including credit decisions, entering into a personal mortgage loan agreement.

The mortgage loan application is submitted to both banks, and it is considered first by PKO Bank Hipoteczny. Information which bank (PKO Bank Hipoteczny or PBP Bank) will be able to be a party to the mortgage agreement is transferred in the loan decision.


Housing loans – Ranking of mortgage loans

Housing loans - Ranking of mortgage loans

In the latest mortgage ranking in 2019, we have 4 places. We have not included other housing loan offers from several other banks in our ranking due to the higher cost of mortgage loans compared to the first four offers in our latest mortgage loan ranking.

Ranking mortgage 2019 – select an attractive loan offer for the purchase of a new flat and support for loan specialists:

  1. Own mortgage loan PBP – Own mortgage is a mortgage for PBP Bank for the purchase of a flat or a house. Low interest rate and commission, loan term up to 35 years, credit holidays – the possibility to request repayment of one installment per year, financing up to 90% of the property value. Check the terms of the offer “Mortgage loan own loan – PBP Bank”.
  2. Payday Bank mortgage loan – Attractive pricing conditions: margin from 1.75%, commission from 1.15%. Payday Bank mortgage loan up to 90% of the real estate value, the possibility of spreading mortgage repayment to 30 years.
  3. BMI Bank mortgage loan – Acceptance of many different sources of income, 0% commission for granting a loan, credit holidays once a year. BMI Bank mortgage is financing up to 90% of the real estate value, the maximum loan term up to 35 years.
  4. CH Lending mortgage loan – Attractive housing loan with quick credit decision and free advisor assistance in formalities.

Mortgage loan – 4 best mortgage loans in 2019 in our mortgage loan ranking. The attractiveness of the mortgage offer is a determinant of the competitive advantage. Thanks to a mortgage, the dreams of many Poles about their own “M” have come true! Check how we can help you finalize the purchase of the apartment and realize the plan for your own apartment. Housing loan – The key to your own apartment.

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